Ammo is the most important thing in Xploderz. Without ammo, there is no war. To survive, you need ammo of course! Ammo in Xploderz are waterballs or rounds. The more the better! You grow your own ammo which may sound weird, but really fun! It’s fun, because you can make plans to have an Xploderz war. So you call up your friends and say “War tomarrow”. So unlike other blasters, Xploderz takes time to prepare, which makes it really fun.

Ammo is about $7 per pack and $12 for two clips. So, over night you pour the ammo beeds in the container, and in the morning, you have yourself full ammo! Or, if it’s durring the day wait 4 hours. So, after you pour the beeds you can do other stuff such as cleaning your blaster, ect!

Ammo is only $7 for a pack of 500 beeds. A Battle Blowout Pack costs about $12. So to get 500 rounds and 2 clips and is about $20. That is not TOO bad, considering the clip holds about 70 shots (says the commercial).

If you think that is a bad idea, there is a different way to get ammo. But a blaster. Depending on which blaster you buy depends on how much ammo you get. Here is a little chart on the different amounts of ammo you can buy.

XBlaster 200 – 1 clip | 200 beeds
Faceoff 400 – 2 clips | 400 beeds
XStormer 1000 1 clip | 1 ammo container | 1,000 beeds
XRanger 2000 1 clip | 1 ammo container | 2,000 beeds

Buying the right amount of ammo is good, but it is good to stay in your budget. So use your skills to find the best deals!


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